Review: CEWI Project Kick-Off and Networking on June 10

On June 10, 2021, we launched the CEWI project digitally. Together with representatives from politics, business and science, we discussed the status of the Circular Economy in Germany and how it can contribute to achieving climate neutrality and resource efficiency. Afterwards, promising approaches and fields of action were exchanged in small groups and initial ideas for joint work in the workshop phase of the project were developed.

CEWI – these are company-driven concepts and pilot projects in the automotive and building sectors that build on the sense of responsibility and problem-solving skills of companies and other stakeholders and activate their innovative strength. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and supported by the 2° Foundation, the Wuppertal Institute and WWF Germany.

Potentials into practice NOW

All participants at the CEWI kick-off agreed that there is no need for further knowledge about the potential of a circular economy for a more sustainable economy. They are already sufficiently well known. What is needed now are the next steps on the road to climate neutrality: finding partnerships, initiating projects. And simply get started – gather experience together and in a practical way with small pilot projects. This is the best way to learn which method is best suited for which areas of the various energy and material cycles, according to the tenor.

In this spirit, things then got more concrete in small groups on the possibilities of Circular Economy in the automotive and building sectors. Some of the sixteen companies that have already confirmed their participation in the CEWI project offered input on fields of action that they presented for discussion as potential project ideas. The issues that were discussed in the five groups can be found in the summary of the event and the groups. The aim was to bring together different companies and relevant stakeholders and to present the range of possible projects within the framework of CEWI.