Standardized financing criteria for circularity in the German buildings sector.


Project Objective

Guiding Question
How can the financial sector facilitate the circular economy in the buildings sector?

Circular financing criteria are needed.

We assume that buildings should be run in accordance with climate goals. Embodied emissions/energy must also be taken into account, which is why circular criteria should be anchored in financing decision-making.

Development of an open source catalogue for circular financing criteria that we will publish and communicate to banks and policymakers.


Boundaries of the project

(CEWI Definition of CE is used, see the CEWI preliminary study on buildings).

  • We focus on the material cycle.
  • Target group: banks as focus + policy support programmes.
  • Focus on individual assessment (buildings, not entire portfolios).
  • We begin with new construction + complement with additional criteria for renovations.

Unique feature

If this catalogue is widely adopted, for the first time, specific circular economy criteria will actually be used for the first time in project financing and loan approvals in Germany. 

Buildings can then be classified as raw material storage, and this can be taken into account in the assessment.   

Banks thus expand their sustainability portfolio and specifically promote circular buildings/construction projects.   

Applied Approaches and Areas of Action


Following Organization from the CEWI Network are participating