Policy Dialogue

Project Objective

Initiation of a policy dialogue with the help of an event on how to best facilitate and shape the framework and conditions for a functioning and sustainable circular economy in the buildings sector.

(Format: face-to-face event preferred; alternatively, digital format)


In order to fully utilise the potential of a sustainable circular economy for resources and materials in the buildings sector, basic prerequisites must be created. To do so, it is necessary to define and ensure the technical, infrastructural, and logistical challenges as well as the policy and regulatory framework.

Holistic approaches should take these different dimensions into account and create transparency for the different stakeholder needs. A proposition and a catalogue of questions can serve as a foundation for the policy discussion.  

Unique feature

Within the framework of the CEWI project, using the expertise of the participating actors, we have the opportunity to consider the entire value chain and to highlight the challenges and potentials. The interdisciplinary cooperation with practitioners and researchers allows the project to take a holistic view when identifying possible solutions. 




Applied Approaches and Areas of Action

Symbol für Ansatz der Circular Economy

Increase product and material efficiency (modular design)


Extending service life & more efficient use (e. g. circular building materials trade, reuse of components)

Symbol für Circular Economy Ansatz

Substitution of resources and materials (alternative raw materials)

Following Organization from the CEWI Network are participating

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