Reuse IT Tool


Preliminary study to define the specifications for a simulator that generates possible building types on the basis of the anthropogenic stock.

Project Objectives

Simulator for generative construction planning on the basis of anthropogenic stock.  



  • Definition of methods to catalogue materials as a prerequisite for generative planning, e.g., 3D BIM models, including all technical information mentioned above, as well as 2D models  
  • Definition of diverse usage options of the construction material  
  • Parameters for generative planning (architectural, load bearing, structural-physical, fire control, etc.), e.g., maximum bearings or floor loads   
  • Visualisation of the material stock, building types, evaluation, and possibly the interface
  • Detailed article as final outcome.


Applied Approaches and Areas of Action

Symbol für Ansatz der Circular Economy

Increase product and material efficiency (modular design)


Extending service life & more efficient use (e. g. circular building materials trade, reuse of components)

Unique feature

  • There are currently no methods to systematically analyse building components and their reutilization potential.
  • Planning process will be reversed: What construction components are available to me? How might a “new” building using these components look?



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