The CEWI project focuses on areas of action in the building sector that show particular promise for climate and resource protection, where the state of development is advantageous, and where there are good opportunities for new business models. The following topics emerged from the preliminary study which is available in German. The project team will concretise them with enterprises and formulate them into pilot projects and concepts.

Approach 1: Increase product and material efficiency

The potentials of lightweight construction and modular design should be utilised with the aim of using as few raw materials as possible.

Approach 2: Extending service life & more efficient use

In order to use products and materials as long and intensively as possible, new utilisation concepts for residential and office buildings were identified as particularly interesting, including the circular building materials trade as well as the dissemination of business models for the reuse of building materials and components.

Approach 3: Substitution of resources and materials

Alternative raw materials, such as the use of wood, show a high potential to replace materials with a poor life cycle assessment or substances that are hazardous to health.