End-of-Life Vehicle Factory

Project Objective

Conceptual design of an industrialised, industry-wide vehicle reclamation factory for end-of-life vehicles (and test vehicles) with active material flow management of raw materials and vehicle parts. The aim is to establish a circular economy with standardised material flows for end-of-life vehicles as a contribution to the CO2 targets of the Paris Climate Agreement as well as to meet legal requirements and recycling quotas with a focus on Scope 3 emissions in companies.


On the basis of defined work packages, the project will take a holistic look – as possible within the framework of the project structure – at the influencing factors and success factors, as well as the conceptual design of an END-OF-LIFE VEHICLE FACTORY. The result will be compiled in the form of a presentation with recommendations for action for industry, policymakers and, if necessary, regulations.

Applied Approaches and Areas of Action

Symbol für Ansatz der Circular Economy

Closing the material cycles


Extending service life & more efficient use

Unique feature

  • Raw materials from old vehicles can be used in new vehicles
  • Maximal transparency of input and output flows and transparency about the reutilisation of material and product flows
  • Building block concept for an economical system that can be rolled out flexibly in different markets

Following Organization from the CEWI Network are participating

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