Digital Product Pass


Cyber Breakfast on the Digital Product Passport

Project Objective

The digital product passport is considered to be the key to present sustainability data about materials and products. An open and neutral platform for further discussion and development of a digital product passport is needed. The goal is to enable policymakers and businesses to enter a dialogue, to discuss open questions and challenges together, and to demonstrate solutions and best practices from science and industry practice. And, last but not least, we want to bring together the various players from different sectors. 

Unique feature

The digital product passport concerns many actors from very different sectors. It can enable a functioning circular economy. However, it can also become an obstacle for economic interests and a competitive disadvantage for European companies in a global market. Now is the time to actively shape the further development of the digital product passport. We would like to accompany this process with our project. 

Who is involved

The Cyber Breakfast is organised by DIN e.V.’s FOCUS.ICT Presidential Committee.

FOCUS.ICT pursues the goal of utilising the potential of standardisation in information and communication technology for the development of Germany as a location for businesses. The core team also includes the organisations DKE, ZVEI, and Bitkom.




Applied Approaches and Areas of Action

Symbol für Ansatz der Circular Economy

Closing the material cycles


Extending service life & more efficient use

Following Organization from the CEWI Network are participating