The companies participating in the first CEWI workshop developed some first project ideas both within and beyond the fields for action developed in advance of the workshop. The following project ideas and concepts for the automotive industry will be worked upon in more depth over the course of the project:

Idea 1: Digital Product Passport

The digital product passport can enable the circular economy. However, its design process is currently dominated by open questions and ambiguities. Industry and businesses fear bureaucratic hurdles and competitive disadvantages. At this critical juncture, a neutral platform for discussion and exchange is therefore necessary to allow policymakers and businesspeople to regularly engage in dialogue.

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Idea 2: End-of-Life Vehicle Factory

Old vehicles still play a minor role as a source of raw materials in the automotive manufacturing process. With regards to the necessary transformation from a linear to a circular economic model, a concept for an industrialised, industry-wide end-of-life vehicle factory that looks at both vehicle parts and raw materials will be developed. 

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