The CEWI project focuses on areas of action in the automotive sector that show particular promise for climate and resource protection, where the state of development is advantageous, and where there are good opportunities for new business models. The following topics emerged from the preliminary study which is available in German. The project team will concretise them with enterprises and formulate them into pilot projects and concepts.

Approach 1: Closing the material cycles

Recycling-oriented design and increased use use of recycled materials should be promoted with the aim of using as few raw materials as possible. End-of-life vehicle recycling also holds particular potential.

Approach 2: Increasing product and material efficiency

Lightweight construction in particular should be intensified in order to reduce the weight of vehicles and to minimize the use of materials and the amount of waste in the manufacture of products.

Approach 3: Extending service life & more efficient use

The existing obstacles for the remanufacturing and reuse of vehicle components will be addressed in the project in order to use products for as long as possible.

Approach 4: Substitution of raw materials and resources

Materials/resources with a poor life cycle assessment or substances that are hazardous to health should be replaced by resource-efficient and ecological materials/resources. The focus here should primarily be on renewable resources.